Accounts Receivable Outsourcing
What are the major benefits of outsourcing A/R process and handling ?
  • Reduced A/R Costs - Total cost of ownership should be reduced anywhere from 20 to 40 percent.

  • Improved Performance - Functions such as customer service, speed of cash, dilution rates, and upstream processes should improve.

  • Conversion of Fixed Cost to Variable Cost - Costs vary with revenue and/or other important variables (e.g., average invoice and/or deduction value, increase in customer base).

  • Increased Time and Resources for Strategy - Financial management focuses on activities with increasingly greater strategic consequences, such as risk management, customer profitability, planning and forecasting, and business analytics.
Accounts Payable & Payroll Outsourcing Services
Businesses are continually being challenged to reduce costs, extract the most value from expenditures, and meet complex reporting requirements.

innovative and flexible Accounts Payable & Payroll services provide our clients with the ability to transform their Accounts Payable & Payroll processes into an outsourced automated system which is driven by business rules, resulting in lower processing costs, improved controls, higher service levels and better business intelligence. We provide outsourced services in paper and electronic delivery.
Document Management and Printing Services From CTP
CTP offers a full line of printing and document management services. Our diverse product line enables us to deliver any document from printed letterhead to custom jumbo roll products. 

By using the latest, most efficient equipment available today we can provide you a competitive price, high quality and on-time deliveries. CTP has created many document management programs that integrate all your print requirements. We have even developed online stationery imprint programs. CTP combines our flexible, high quality printing capabilities with our web enabled proofing programs giving you the ability to control your complete printing process.
Business process outsourcing
Business process outsourcing with CTP Solutions helps organizations become more profitable. These organizations constantly exceed their peers through economic cycles making certain they not only survive but thrive in all types of environments.

CTP's broad portfolio of BPO services provide industry and cross industry solutions that enable you to focus on core competencies.

Over 20 Years Excellence
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